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This Lawyer has a 90-95% success rate in handling these cases before a judge or jury.

Examples of Cases Tried Before a Jury

NOTE: This is just a sample of the Challenged cases we have won. Other trials and settlements are too numerous to include.

Case example #1

Probate Court#2
Bexar County
San Antonio , Texas

JoAnn Guevara, Et Al
Maria Alejandra Guevara

Plaintiff: Law Offices of Roger Z. Guevara from San Antonio, Texas, by Roger Z. Guevara & Jesse Rivera

Defendant: Roger Rocha and Armando Trevino from Laredo, Texas

Type of Case: Civil Conspiracy- An estranged wife conspired with 3 killers, through her lover (extra-marital affair) to have her husband killed for his life insurance policy of $100,000.00. Deceased spouse was killed and burned in Laredo, Texas. He was a retired Marine, age 38.

Amount Prayed for: $100,000.00 + $2,000,000.00 Punitive

Defendant Offer: $7,500.00

Specials: Funeral Expenses

Plaintiff: Dr. Robert Young – DNA Expert- by Deposition

VERDICT: Unanimous Jury Verdict for Plaintiff for $2,115,000.00. Jury awarded $115,000.00 damages and $2,000,000.00 punitives.

Example case #2

166 th District Court – 96-CI-03770
Bexar County, Texas

Sonia & Pearl Laque
Ramon Antu

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle-Auto Collision

Plaintiff Counsel: Guevara Law Firm from San Antonio , Texas by Roger Z. Guevara

Defendant Counsel: Bill Seyfried and Associates from San Antonio , Texas by Javier Padilla

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle –Auto Collision- Rear End- Defendant claimed Plaintiff cut in front of him and caused a collision at 10 mph. Defendant’s vehicle bumper was damaged. Plaintiff’s rear quarter panels buckled, touching the rear tires.

Injury: Protruding disc ( Pearl ), Soft tissue (Sonia)

Medical Treatment: X-Ray; MRI, PT

Plaintiff Auto: 1980 Nissan: Totaled

Defendant Auto: 1986 Chevrolet Blazer, bumper damage

Insurance Carrier: Allstate Insurance Company

Plaintiff Experts:
Dr. Hector Samaniego, Jr.- San Antonio , Texas-Video (Sonia & Pearl)

Defendants Experts:
Dr. Wayne Gordon, IME-video ( Pearl )

Specials: Sonia Laque-no medicals; Pearl Laque-$5,012.63 past medical;$40,000.00 approx. future medical

Offer: $6,000.00 (Sonia), $8,480.00 ( Pearl )

VERDICT: $49,297.90 approx. total jury verdict for Plaintiffs $11,297.90 approx jury verdict for Plaintiff Sonia Laque with interest; $38,000.00 approx. jury verdict for Pearl Laque plus interest ($46,990.39)

Example case #3

45th 92-CI-06875
Bexar County
San Antonio , Texas

Lydia Mendez
Alberto Mares, M.D.

Lawyers: Plaintiff: Law Office of Roger Z. Guevara, by Roger Z. Guevara Firm

Defendant: Raymundo Aleman

Type of Case: Alleged Wrongful Termination, Assault and Battery, False Imprisonment, Personal Injury. Plaintiff while employed with Dr. Mares was submitting false claims with Medicaid and Medicare for treatments not rendered. Plaintiff told doctor it was wrong and that she was refusing to submit claims. Dr. Mares attacked and inappropriately touch plaintiff and struck her out of anger and then refused to let her get out of office unless Plaintiff left office without the proof of the fraudulent claims. Defendant denied the allegations.

Offer by Defendant: Approximately $750.00

Offer by Plaintiff: Approximately $30,000.00

Amount Prayed For: Approximately $60,000.00

Specials: Approximately $285.00

Experts: Dr. J.J. Waller, M.D. from San Antonio, Texas-testified by deposition Fernando Contreras-Economist from San Antonio , Texas testified live

VERDICT: Jury Verdict for the Plaintiff. Total Verdict approximately $95,000.00 plus pre-judgment and post judgment interest

Example case #4

150th District Court
Bexar County, Texas

Hilaria S. Alejandro
H.E. Butt Grocery Company


Plaintiff: Law Office of Roger Z. Guevara from San Antonio , Texas by Roger Z. Guevara

Defendant: Shelton , Lotz, & Valdez , P.C. from San Antonio , Texas by Harold J. Lotz, Jr.

Type of Case: Premises Liability-Plaintiff 71 year old female tripped and fell on the handles of a plastic bag as she walked on the premises where no trash cans were provided outside during barbeque for customers who were cashing their social security checks causing subglenoid discoloration and massive irreparable rotator cuff tear of her right shoulder necessitating arthrotomy with debridement and subsequent hemiarthroplasty. Alleged negligence, gross negligence and failure to warn.

Specials: Approximately $30,446.54. Last settlement demand $150,000.00. Last settlement offer $1,000.00


Plaintiff: Stephen S. Burkhart, M.D. – from San Antonio, Texas-testified by video

Fernando Contreras-Economist-San Antonio, Texas testified live

VERDICT: For Plaintiff $89,000.00 award.

**Many more cases too numerous to post.  We do not post Family and Criminal Law case examples in order to respect the privacy of our clients.

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