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Criminal Law

Roger Z. Guevara will represent you to the fullest in your Criminal Case. Roger Z. Guevara will fight so that you will not go to jail. We use all the legal Criminal Rules of Procedure and Laws to help our Clients stay out of Jail and/or dismiss their Case.

Areas of Criminal Law

Criminal defense cases can vary from misdemeanor to felony charges. Here at Guevara Law Firm, P.C. we handle all types of criminal defense cases. DWI, DUI, marijuana possession, drug possession, assault, theft/burglary/robbery, traffic violations and more are all part of our practice. In addition to state cases we also handle federal court cases. Call our office if you have questions regarding your situation or would like to schedule a consultation.

Contacting Us

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Do you have a specific question that you'd like to ask our attorney, but you'd rather not schedule a consultation? Our digital consultation service may be for you. You send a question about your situation and our attorney Roger will respond. Visit our consultation page for more information.

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