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Personal Injury Law

Roger Z. Guevara’s motto is the “Truth is our greatest weapon.” These cases are more challenging because Insurance Companies hire some of the best lawyers to represent them. The Guevara Law Firm, PC will not settle your case unless you are satisfied with your settlement. If need be, we will take your case to a Jury.

Areas of Personal Injury Law

A good personal injury attorney is the key to your lawsuit’s success. Be sure that you hire an attorney that has both the knowledge and¬†and the courtroom experience needed to get you your desired outcome. Roger Z. Guevara is no stranger to the courtroom. He has over 20 years of successful trial litigation. Roger knows how to get you the settlement you deserve. Call or contact our offices right now to get the information you need. We are here to help. For examples of previous cases won, please click the link in the sidebar.

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Do you have a specific question that you'd like to ask our attorney, but you'd rather not schedule a consultation? Our digital consultation service may be for you. You send a question about your situation and our attorney Roger will respond. Visit our consultation page for more information.

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